About Us

The Sell-More-Braces Blog is the first blog for brace buyers and it was created by brace manufacturer “Refirmance” which has 30 years OEM experience in this industry. Visit us: www.refirmance.com.tw  The reason we set up this blog is to show the customers our capability for the material selection, product design, industrial knowledge and our experience. We will also discuss about the market product, product testing, cost and other brace company in this blog. At here, we will talk the detail of the product and the secret from the side of manufacturer, this is what you will never know from a brace buyer if you haven’t stayed in a factory.


We try to make different with other manufacturers and let people know more about our ideal and news. Enjoy the blog and find more information you need inside, if you have any questions please do let us know.


About Me

Hello, this is Daniel, I have been working at Refirmance Athletic Protector Co., Ltd since 2007 and this is a family owned and operated company. I mainly work on the new product development with our clients and we have been assisted our clients to get great sales for their new products pretty well. I always have passion for bring new technology and products to the industry, because I have been educating by our customers that only the break through product make you different. Also, I am interesting in making friends and receiving information form different field and countries. We are proud we work in the small/medium size company that threat customers in a decent way and maintain long-term relationship. It’s good when you are doing what you love and you make money.

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