Customized Design Knitted Brace—Function and Design

Get rid of what you think of traditional knitted sleeves! As time passes by, the knitting industry for braces and supports are very different from the past. In the past, people used to think the elastic supports were the lower level sleeves compare to neoprene supports. This might be right in the past. People would choose knitted sleeves just because their breathable purpose compares to neoprene supports, but now there are more reasons to choose them.

Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2308

Customized design braces are our high level  knitted braces. We have been testing for different elastic yarn combinations (which contain 2-3 different elastic yarn) for a long time and finally we’ve created different compression levels for different requirements. A good compression can provide the better stretch and also the better return/rebound, especially on return/rebound which is the most important part to be considered. The knitted sleeves could increase the proprioception by its compression function, so that’s why they are different from the neoprene supports or the sewn fabrics. Besides , we are able to knit special zone for the bending area or specific lower/higher compression area and of course, with a good looking / design. The quality sleeves with different compression areas are knitted one by one , so you don’t have to cut and sew from different fabrics or neoprene.

Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2742 IRefirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-MG_2788


Here are some FAQ to help you understand more.

●What is the customized design knitted brace?

A buyer customizes a brace with their own design, color and logo on it.


●Why choose customized design knitted brace?

To make your company or brand different from others in the market.

The design and color of brace can represent your company and make people keep the company in mind whenever they see the products. An outstanding design of the braces could capture the consumers’ eyes and let them easily to choose from many of braces.



●What is the successful key of the customized knitted braces?

The successful key of the customized knitted braces is definitely from the beginning of development process. A good manufacturer must combine design and function into a brace. We have seen plenty of braces that only have design/pattern but do not consider about the wearing or fitting comfort of braces. A well experienced manufacturer could help a lot for a new development because the quality of the finished products will directly affect the sales volume in the future. Design and look are important, but we would say the priority of a brace should be focused more on the functional purpose in wearing comfort and the compression.


●    What strength does Refirmance have on the customized knit braces?

Experience - We are the first manufacturer who has produced the customized knitted braces in Taiwan since 2003 and we have lots of experience on the knitting technology and design. Also, we have produced for many major brands worldwide.


Knitting Technology - We provide many options for the weaving and knitting construction. Normally, we work on the weaving/knitting part for better fitting and function and the design/pattern is from customers’ ideas. Please see below pictures for your reference:


Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2773 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2769


●Customized design pattern – Your own style.

●Logo knitted – The best way to identify your brand and the knitted logo won’t be damaged when washing.

●Latex Free – Non-allergic reaction.

●Deluxe Compression- Using the deluxe elastic yarn material (Spandex) which is come from Japan. Its compression lasts longer and much more durable than the compression in nature rubber (Latex). Besides, the Spandex has been wildly applied on the supports in the medical field.

●Mesh knitting - New design knitting tech will increase the air flow compare to the traditional knitting tech.

●Pressure free zone- Reducing the contact pressure on the patella and make finished upper and lower edges in low compression for making the patella non-pressure when moving.

●Multi-compression zones- Designed for supporting the joint and muscle with different compression zones.

●Ergonomics shape-For better fitting with body shape.

●Comfort zone – The special knitting construction designed for the bending area such as knee/elbow/ankle which becomes more comfortable to wear and without constricting feeling.

●High stretchable knitting – The new combination of elastic yarn and Nylon makes the sleeves more stretchable than the traditional knitting sleeves. 

●Soft & comfortable Nylon Fabric- Nylon has good texture compares to polyester (traditional knitting sleeves).

●Gel incorporated for pain relief- All kinds of gels are incorporated with the sleeves to classify as a higher value/level of elastic supports.


A picture is more than a thousand words.

Please review the knitted sleeve from our collection.

Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee-IMG_2803 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee-IMG_2790 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2856 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2855 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2779 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2778 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2761 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2757

Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2681 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2661 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2424 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2532 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2625 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2384 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2369 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2368 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2362 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2353 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2350 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2333 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2313 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2284 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2273 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2231 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace=IMG_2453 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support--IMG_2475 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2113 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2121 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support--IMG_2498 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support--IMG_2207 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-IMG_2020 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-elbow-IMG_2469 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-elbow-IMG_2509 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-IMG_2006 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-IMG_2036 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-IMG_2034 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-brace-IMG_2819 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-ankle-IMG_2213 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-ankle-IMG_2792 Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-ankle-IMG_2216 IRefirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-MG_2788

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