Customized Design Knitted Brace—Function and Design

Get rid of what you think of traditional knitted sleeves! As time passes by, the knitting industry for braces and supports are very different from the past. In the past, people used to think the elastic supports were the lower level sleeves compare to neoprene supports. This might be right in the past. People would choose knitted sleeves just because their breathable purpose compares to neoprene supports, but now there are more reasons to choose them.

Refirmance_knitting_elastic_support-knee brace-IMG_2308

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Level of Our Elastic Support

With 30 years experience for the knitted brace and support, Refirmance is one of the leading company in this industry. Since there are too many information and detail on the knitting and equipment, we simply separate all of our knitted braces into 4 level.

We found this is much easy for the brace buyer when they decide which kind of knitted products is suitable for their country/product line. The higher level means the material (better material) and design (performance) are nicer.


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