The PF Sock


The overnight treatment of plantar fasciitis based on Strassburg Sock.

The Strassburg Sock is well-know for its treatment of plantar fasciitis, due to the patent of Strassburg Sock will expire this year, so we have studied and improved it, try to make a better quality version.



plantar fasciitis/achilles tendonitis/calf tightness

How it work?

The Strassburg Sock is the soft splint that sets the plantar fascia to its optimum length. The device consists of a tubular knit material and adjustable strap system. It is easy to use and is designed to keep tension on the tissue, so it heals in a stretched position at night. Most other night splints only set the ankle at 90 degrees and provide no toe dorsiflexion. Then at the patients first step in the morning the plantar fascia is stretched and the pain returns. The device takes full effect of the windlass mechanism of the plantar fascia to position it at its maximum anatomical length therefore it could relieve pain in the stretched position. In this way, many patients find a reduction of their morning pain.


Plantar-fasciitis-night-splint airform_night_splint_ossur

Night Splints only set the ankle at 90 degrees


A improved product of Strassburg Sock


1) Higher quality knitted sock/sleeve

The sock/sleeve we make could be customers’ design and logo, besides the fabric is softer,comfortable and has a special weave.

IMG_1138-1 IMG_1193-1

        Strassburg Sock                      Improved sock/sleeve

2)improve the stretch pull system

The complains of Strassburg sock is sometimes it only pull the fabric around the toe, not the toe directly. In order to improve this, we added a less stretch film in the bottom of foot, this will make the pull system extend to the back side of foot. After testing, the toe dorsiflexion is better than the original style and thus improve the patient treatment.

               IMG_1195-1          IMG_1207-1IMG_1215-1

3)damage of Velcro 

Considering the hook may damage the fabric, we simply change the position of hook and loop.


Reduce the chance of allergy.


Compared Chart:


The Strassburg Sock

Our Improved PF Sock

Design of tubular knit sock

Plain in white

Add Customers’ design with different color

Fabric of sock

Standard nylon knit fabric

Softer, more comfortable and more breathable. A nice look on its knit fabric.

Pull system

It may only pull the fabric on the toe area

Improved vision.







IMG_1192-1 IMG_1190-1

        Front side                       Back side

The product we made is a simple and slightly improved version. We widely accept customers’ design and there are few possibility we could change.Please contact us if you have an ideal in mind.


Other possible change: 

*Functional fabric:anti-mircobial, etc…

*Nicer upper elastic band and material

*Better fit for the sock shape

*Other style of pull system 




3 thoughts on “The PF Sock

  1. Interesse für 2 x PF Socken Strassburg in schwarz zu bestellen.

    Schuhgröße EU 45-46.

    Versand nach Deutschland.

    Ich bitte Sie um Preisangeben mit Versand.


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